How Yoga can help you Lose Weight

Yoga is a traditional Indian exercise that focuses on mindfulness and slow poses that stretch and relax the body. Many people know and join yoga classes to reduce stress and relax but no one associates it with weight loss. According to the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, yoga can indeed help you lose weight. Though it does not work like other vigorous exercises that help you lose calories fast, doing yoga more than three times a week will help you lose the same level of weight.

How Yoga Works

Women Doing Yoga Outside

If you want to join yoga for weight loss it is vital that you do the vigorous and fast paced poses such as power yoga, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Ashtanga is one of the best forms of yoga to shed some weight. It’s a series of 26 fast paced poses that are done in a heated room.

A combination of these two conditions and non-stop activity on the muscles make it possible to burn up to 300 calories in a single session. For an in-depth look at my #1 recommended Yoga workout, checkout my review of Yoga Burn by Zoe Bray-Cotton.

  1. Energy Boost:
    Any form of yoga leaves one feeling relaxed,motivated and ready to take on the world. This attitude and energy level can be used to work out at home or at the gym. Yoga also tones the body and makes you flexible no matter how slow you do it.
  2. Stress Reduction:
    People who are fat tend to have low self-esteem and depression at times. If this goes on for long, the body produces a stress hormone called cortisol that makes one to eat when they are stressed or bored. Cortisol also makes the blood sugar go up and this is converted to fat if one is not exercising. Yoga is the best relaxation and stress reduction method. If one is not stressed then the hormone will not be produced and they will not stress-eat.
  3. Mindfulness:
    Yoga enables one to be mindful of their habits and environment. You are able to understand your eating habits and know why they are that way. Yoga will help you stop bad habits and keep you busy when you feel the urge to overindulge.
  4. Suppress Appetite:
    This could be a placebo effect but it seems that all the stretching, breathing and being aware of your body makes you not want to eat as much. People doing yoga find themselves eating healthier and prefer fruits and veggies over unhealthy extremes.
  5. Increased Metabolism:
    The relaxing effect of yoga improves many of your body’s metabolism. This is why people who do yoga tend to have a trimmed midsection. The stretching not only tones the body but also helps you to stay active because you are flexible and relaxed.
  6. Remove Toxins:
    A 90-minute session of yoga heats up the body and improves performance of organs.

Yoga is not just a physical activity but a science that mostly focuses on the internal factors that make us do what we do. Once a person is aware of these factors and is able to deal with them, then the process of weight loss . It is a great way to start losing weight because its slow and easy on your muscles and heart.