Signs Of Low Tesosterone

Considering testosterone is the principle male sex hormone, it is widely known that it plays a huge part in the development of male reproductive tissues as well as male characteristics such as muscle, deep voice, and body hair. But, testosterone affects much more than just that and can present many signs when levels are low.

The following are a few to watch out for.

1. Weak Erections

This is an early sign of low testosterone because testosterone plays a big part in sexual satisfaction. While some men can have healthy erections even though they have low testosterone, for the most part healthy erections are dependent upon testosterone. Also, when levels are low, and other issues such as obesity or atherosclerosis are present, which can make erections even weaker.

2. Sleep Problems

How low testosterone effects sleep is not yet known; however, research has shown that men who are unable to sleep during the night often have low testosterone. What is known is that testosterone is used during the day and replenished at night. Therefore, when sleep is interrupted, testosterone production can be interrupted as well.

3. Low Energy Level

Low testosterone can cause men to feel tired during the day and lose desire to do regular activities. This may be a gradual decrease in energy, as testosterone levels start to gradually decline. However, it can go beyond a small drop in energy and turn into extreme tiredness.

4. Mood

Low levels of testosterone can affect men on an emotional level as well, as the hormone helps assist mood stabilization. General sadness, a decreased feeling of well-being, irritability, anger, and depression can all develop. Moreover, memory and motivation can decrease. All of these things can lower self-confidence which can have a further negative effect on mood.

“Those with low testosterone often experience a decreased sense of well-being, a depressed mood, and low energy.” – Health Line

5. Memory Loss

Studies show that testosterone levels can affect memory level. In fact, studies have shown that Alzheimer’s disease and low testosterone levels are commonly found together.

6. Decreased Sexual Desire

Not in the mood – again? This is one of the common signs of low testosterone. While it is normal for sex drive to slowly decline with age, it is not normal for it to dwindle away completely.

7. Swollen Or Tender Breasts

Enlarged or tender breasts on a male are associated with a hormonal imbalance. The imbalance occurs when testosterone levels start to decline and estrogen levels start to take over.

8. Hair Loss

While some hair loss is expected with age, it isn’t always just from old age. Testosterone plays a big part in hair production. Sudden hair loss or hair loss at a young age could be a sign of low testosterone levels.

9. Increase Of Body Fat

When body fat starts to accumulate without an apparent reason, it is one of the common signs of low testosterone. The fat distribution is usually focused on the belly or the chest.

10. No Desire To Win

According to studies, testosterone and personal status are closely linked together. The more testosterone a man has, the more desire he has to compete and win. If you have no desire to get into the game and win, whether it comes to your relationships or success, then you could have low testosterone levels.