BioTrust Omega Krill 5X Reviews – Should You Buy The Nutrition Company’s Supplement?

Are you taking a supplement for omega-3? If you’ve been listening to the latest information on how most of us lack omega-3s in our diet, and how our health is suffering for it, then I’m willing to bet you are. But how effective is your omega-3 supplement? Did you know that many traditional fish oil supplements do not absorb into your body properly and are a complete waste to take? After reading some of the different reviews of Omega Krill 5X, it seemed like their supplement was providing all the promised benefits of an effective fish oil – but was it really?

What Is Omega Krill 5X?

BottleBioTrust Omega Krill 5X is supplement that contains fish oil as well as Krill oil. That combination makes them stand out from the crowd who only use one or the other type of fish oil, but they also use two types of technology during the manufacturing process to ensure you are getting the most benefits possible. These processes do not only ensure that you are getting maximum omega-3s delivered to your body, but also that the supplements are free from toxicity and rancidity.

1. VesiSorb Maximum Absorption Technology

This technology protects the fish oil as it goes through the digestion process, which helps nearly all of the omega-3s reach the small intestine and enter your blood stream and the cells in your body. In fact, you receive 15X more omega-3s and 5 times more absorption (hence the name BioTrust Omega Krill ‘5X’). Compare that to the normal process where the molecules break down during digestion and reassemble in the small intestine, which results in a loss of omega-3 fatty acids.

Protecting the fish oil capsules with this technology also helps to avoid rancidity because light, heat, and oxygen do not affect them.

2. Super Critical CO2 Extraction

This process removes contaminants during the extraction process. It is done at a low temperature, to help avoid altering the oils or promoting rancidity. This process also ensures that there are more of the healthy EPA and DHA omega-3s are in every capsule, which means more benefit in fewer capsules when compared to traditional fish oil capsules

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About BioTrust

All supplements from BioTrust are made from natural ingredients with no additives. Products are run through a vigorous quality assurance process that focuses on supplement quality, purity, and effectiveness. BioTrust’s commitment to quality supplements and customer satisfaction has helped them to become one of the most popular supplement companies around.

Josh Bezoni is a co-founder of BioTrust, and he is also a nutritionist and supplement expert. Joel Marion is also a co-founder of BioTrust and he has 5 bestsellers under his belt in regards to fitness. Together, with their team of experts, they are committed to providing you with quality supplements that live up to their names and reputations. You can learn more about their team of experts and quality assurance process directly from their website.

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Inside BioTrust Omega Krill 5X, you will find no artificial ingredients, colors, stimulants, or preservatives. The fact that it is free from soy, peanuts, and dairy already make it stand out, but the ingredients and the production process used by BioTrust makes this a fish oil supplement that is not comparable to other fish oil supplements on the market.


BioTrust Omega Krill 5X has both krill and fish oil, which ensures that you get EPA, DHA, and other omega-3 fatty acids. It also is high in astaxanthin, which is known to help reduce pain and inflammation, fight fatigue, support eye health, protect the skin, and clean out the cells in the body.

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  • Contains only pharmaceutical grade oils
  • Offers maximum absorption through the technologies used as well as the type of oils used
  • Increased bioavailability compared to other fish oils
  • Backed by science and research and created to match maximum benefit standards
  • Less expensive than other supplements on the market, even though it provides more benefits
  • All oils are sourced from wild-harvested fish from the Antarctic Ocean
  • Extraction process removes potential contaminants
  • Processed at low temperatures to leave it as closet to its natural state as possible
  • Because the protective technology allows the oil to bypass the digestion, there are no fish burps.
  • Manufactured with strict processes in place
  • No additives
  • All-natural
  • Delivers astaxanthin, which is a powerful antioxidant that has many health benefits
  • Only need to take 3 small capsules daily


  • Contains fish and shellfish, so not suitable for people with fish allergies

Pricing And Discounts

As with all BioTrust products, you have a choice between three different packages when ordering BioTrust Omega Krill 5X.

  1. 1 bottle for $49
  2. 3 bottles for $44 per bottle
  3. 6 bottles for $39 per bottle

Pricing & Discounts

As you can see, the more you buy, the more you save. By buying 3 bottles at once you receive a 10% discount, and by buying 6 bottles at once, you receive a 20% discount. Considering this is the best fish oil supplement on the market, that uses unique processes to ensure its potency and purity, it is much cheaper than some of the other popular fish oil supplements.

Where To Buy

You can buy BioTrust Omega Krill 5X directly from the BioTrust website. They ship to a wide variety of countries and you will receive an instantly downloadable free bonus called, ’53 Fat Burning Smoothies and Milkshakes’ with your order.

If you are not satisfied with BioTrust Omega Krill 5X, you can get your money back. BioTrust offers a 1-year money back guarantee that allows you to try out the fish oil supplement, experience results, and decide for yourself.


Is It Worth It?

Almost everyone is lacking in omega-3 fatty acids. Researchers have shown that a deficiency in omega-3s can cause inflammation in the body, which has a very negative effect on your overall health.

The easiest way to get healthy omega-3 fatty acids is through a supplement. But, many fish oil supplements are facing a lot of problems, such as not having the EPA and DHA that you need for benefits, not being absorbed properly, and being rancid.

If you want to take a fish oil supplement that gives you the most impact for your money, then pay attention to the BioTrust Omega Krill 5X reviews, and take advantage of this one of a kind fish oil supplement. It guarantees you more 5 times more absorption, which guarantees you more benefits.

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