Lean Gut Diet Review – Is The Program by Samuel Larson’s Worth Buying?

Could the healthy foods you are eating actually be hurting your metabolism and causing you to gain weight? The author of the Lean Gut Diet says that many of the foods believed to be the healthiest are actually the ones that slow down the metabolism and trigger inflammation in the body, which leads to major fat storage. His diet is supposed to fight that inflammation, balance out hormones, and help your body burn fat and lose weight all without starving yourself or working out for hours at the gym. This review of Lean Gut Diet will take a look at what Samuel offers and whether or not it is actually worth buying.

What Do You get With The Lean Gut Diet?

You get the main program that takes you step-by-step through the diet.

The Lean Gut Diet Book

All the information you need to understand what is happening in your gut and how you can fix it is inside. Moreover, the diet plans out all of your meals so that you can just get started on the diet without worrying about what you need to make today.

You also get introduced to the 5-5-5 exercise program. This program is supposed to be easy and short and have the same positive effect on the body that hours of running can have. The author claims that this is the only workout regimen you will ever need.

As of this Lean Gut Diet review, there are a few bonuses as well. The first bonus focuses on sex food stimulants and information on how to boost the desire to have sex for both you and your partner. This is done, in part, through foods and supplements that interact with your brain and help boost sexual desire.

You will also get the 10 Best Metabolism-Revving Foods, which is an eBook that will teach you how to burn more fat, boost your metabolism, and eliminate your sugar cravings. Best of all, it claims to help you balance all of your hormones once and for all, which is beneficial to your overall health and happiness.

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How Does It Work?

This diet focuses on fixing your gut health and the inflammation in your body through nutrition. By fixing your gut health, which affects your entire body, you are supposed to be able to transform your life and become more energetic and healthy all around.

You don’t need to understand how gut health interacts with your body in a way that promotes weight gain or encourages weight loss. All you have to do is follow the Lean Gut Diet program and eat and drink what it tells you to. The great thing is that you don’t have to take any pills to achieve this, you just have to eat a diet that fights inflammation and helps balance the bad and good bacteria in your gut.

The program works in three phases.

  1. Phase 1
    In this phase, you don’t have to restrict calories. You will learn what foods you should and shouldn’t eat in order to bring your gut health back to balance, and you will get some tips to help you understand what is healthy and not when it comes to healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables.
  2. Phase 2
    In this phase, your diet will change a little. It seems like you will be cutting some carbs in the first phase and then adding them back in this one. This phase focuses on adding good bacteria to your gut for optimal balance. You will learn which foods can be added to your regular diet to help you do that.
  3. Phase 3
    In this phase, you will have already learned which foods you should or should not eat, so you will start to incorporate mental health into the picture. One thing research has shown is that the mind and gut are closely linked, and if you are stressed out in the mind, then you are going to be stressed out in the gut. By minimizing stress, you can manage your cortisol and boost your metabolism.

About Samuel Larson

Samuel LarsonSamuel Larson thought he was living a healthy lifestyle, but quickly found out he was wrong after a car accident sent him to the hospital and he discovered that he had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and chronic inflammation in his body. His health was not good, and he needed to do something about it. The doctor gave him information on a simple diet change and that was what helped him become healthy again. He’s now sharing this information in the Lean Gut Diet. Click here for details about Samuel and his program.

The Positive Reviews

  • No crazy starvation diet, pills, or exhausting workouts involved.
  • This diet could help your bloating and food cravings.
  • All your meals are planned out to make it easier on you.
  • Can help you lose weight and restore the body to balance which boosts overall health.
  • Can benefit any diet you are currently on and will fit into the dietary standards needed by people who have celiac disease or lactose intolerance.
  • The entire program is digital, which means you get instant access to it once you buy it.

The Negatives

  • It seems as if there are going to be some foods, such as sugar, that might have to be eliminated. These are foods that are known to cause inflammation, so you need to be prepared to make changes to your diet.
  • It sounds like you will have to take some herbs, which could cost some extra money.
  • The author makes it clear that this isn’t a quick fix as it will take some time to rebalance the gut and get things working properly.

Where To Buy And The Guarantee

The only place to buy The Lean Gut Diet is directly from their website (link is below). There you can buy the diet and the bonuses and get access to a money back guarantee. The guarantee is good for 60 days from purchase.


Does It Work?

This has a high chance of working for everyone. We all know that popular diets don’t work in the long run. We all have friends who have been on those diets and struggled to lose weight despite doing everything right. Obviously, the foods on those diets, or methods they use, are not promoting long-term weight loss.

This diet focuses on eliminating foods that interact with the body in a way that causes inflammation, which means that it can help balance out hormones that play a big part in the amount of fat you hold on your body. While it may require some diet changes, it may also be a diet that changes your weight, health, and life. It’s definitely worth trying if it can do that for you. Click here to visit the official website to purchase or to learn more.