KinoChef Review – Is Greg’s Kinobody Cookbook Worth Buying?

You want to eat a diet that helps you get lean and chiseled, but you also want to eat a diet that tastes good? Greg O’Gallagher has created a cookbook that claims to satisfy both of those needs. But is it really worth it to buy another cookbook? Couldn’t you just find these recipes online and go from there?

This review of KinoChef will take a look at what’s offered and whether or not it is really something you would need to add to your collection.

What Is KinoChef About?

If you know Greg, then you know that he is the go-to guy when it comes to getting that masculine, chiseled body that drives women wild and leaves other guys wondering how you did it. Because he has the knowledge in the training department, it makes sense that he also has the knowledge in the nutrition department. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be as successful as he is.

KinoChef Cookbook

The KinoChef is a cookbook with 50 recipes that Greg and Emily Ness recommend for perfect macronutrient balance and complete satisfaction. While it is a cookbook focused on good health, it stands out from other health cookbooks because it doesn’t take one macronutrient (such as carbohydrate) and practically eliminate it from your diet. Instead, it teaches you how to incorporate all of your favorite foods into your diet at the right time and in perfect balance.

The cookbook is divided into three sections:

  1. Main meals
  2. Side dishes
  3. Small meals and desserts

You also get a few bonuses recipes with the cookbook from other big names in the fitness industry. These include:

  • Rusty Moore’s Stovetop Recipes, which is two of Rusty’s favorite recipes – 2-pan tamales and sweet salsa chicken – that are extremely easy to make.
  • Mike Matthew’s Top 3 Recipes, which includes sweet potato protein pancakes, egg white bites, and Indian chicken curry.

Note: You can get the full cookbook and bonuses here.

How Does It Work?

Too many people think that they have to cut out one macronutrient, such as carbs, and focus on another, such as protein. But research clearly shows that you can’t cut out any macronutrient from your diet for a couple of reasons.

First, all macronutrients are essential for good health. And second, too much or too little of any macronutrient can be harmful to your health and set your body up for diseases, such as kidney stones or failure, immunity issues, and even cancer.

Greg’s cookbook focuses on optimal protein intake along with a balanced intake of carbs and fat to support good health and good training results. This is not just something he is guessing at. He has done the research, knows what he is talking about, and has the insight you need to really make your diet work for you.

These recipes can also be used to partake in intermittent fasting, which is a way of eating that he promotes in all of his training programs. Intermittent fasting is simply a dieting pattern that ensures you get a certain amount of calories and macronutrients at specific times of the day that benefit your health and workout schedule the most.

In short, if you want to learn how Greg eats to keep his body healthy and strong, then this is the cookbook for you. It is insight into why he eats the way he does and how to eat that way. It’s like being in his kitchen without having to actually go there. And, you get to learn how to cook easy and tasty meals that will impress your friend, family, and even yourself.

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Greg O’Gallagher

Greg O'GallagherGreg is the name behind many fitness programs with one goal in common: giving you the attractive body shape and strength you really want to get from your training efforts. You can find him all over the Internet giving advice on well-being, fitness, and nutrition, and you can even tune into his popular fitness podcast called Road to Ripped.

Positive Reviews

  • These meals have been created to help you stay full and satisfied, even while doing intermittent fasting
  • No bland and boring meals are included in this cookbook
  • These meals are healthy and balanced and will help you to lose fat easily
  • This cookbook will work for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to cook every day
  • Learn how to use his recipes and create a meal plan that promotes fat loss and lean muscle mass
  • You don’t need to be following his workout plan to experience the benefits of these recipes
  • Learn how to cook some tasty recipes that you can cook for friends, family, and even a special date
  • The cookbook is digital and can be downloaded instantly

Positive Reviews

  • If you do not eat animal protein, then this cookbook will not be for you. It contains many recipes with animal protein.
  • These recipes have been created with macronutrients in mind, so you can’t add or subtract too many ingredients and expect the same health-promoting benefits promised by Greg.
  • No hard copy included.
  • Skipping breakfast is recommended… but you don’t have to skip it if you don’t really want.

Where To Buy KinoChef

This cookbook is only available on Greg’s website (the official website looks like this). If you think that you can buy these recipes elsewhere, or find them for free, we have to disagree.

This cookbook includes recipes that are perfectly balanced to give you the nutrition you need for optimal health, as well as maximum results from your fitness efforts. There are not many people who understand exactly what your body needs in the way of nutrition, and that’s what separates these recipes from anything out there that is similar to them.

This is a cookbook that comes with a guarantee. You have 60 days to try it out, cook the recipes, and decide if they are worth adding to your recipe collection. If you don’t like them, or they don’t benefit you in some way, simply ask for a no-hassle refund.

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Kinochef Website

Is The Food Really This Good?

This is a cookbook created, in part, by a man who enjoys good food and knows exactly how to balance macronutrients for optimal weight loss, muscle building, and good health. He is well-known and is respected by many big names in the fitness industry. In other words, he wouldn’t create a cookbook that wasn’t full of good, satisfying, and health-promoting recipes.

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