Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones Reviews – Does Chad Howse’s Diet Work?

Even if you have been having a hard time losing fat, Chad Howse says that you can easily turn that around. In fact, he guarantees that by following some non-typical diet and exercise rules that he’s outlined, you can build muscle, lose the fat fast, and keep it off for good. Can his program really live up to his promise? We decided to do a review of the Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones diet to see what his program is and how it can help you.

What It Is

Mainstream diets don’t work, especially for men. If you do lose the weight, you almost always gain it back, and then it becomes even harder to lose fat, even when you are doing the same thing you did before to lose the weight. This program looks at and fixes the reason why.

Diet for Men

Diet for Women

Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones is all about fixing the real issue that is causing you to gain and keep the weight on: hormones. As more is being discovered and unveiled about hormones such as leptin, insulin, and testosterone, more diets are popping up that focus on fixing hormones instead of calories in and calories out. That is what this diet program is about.

The program doesn’t put its entire focus on the amount of calories you are eating or how many calories you are burning off; instead, it puts a lot of focus on what kind of food you are putting into your body and what kind of exercises you are doing, and how they both impact your hormones.

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How It Works

In the program, there are 5 different aspects to learn.

  1. How to unlock your fat burning potential: This section will help you tweak your diet to get the most out of your workouts. It will also help boost your metabolism and fat loss hormones.
  2. How to fix your fat loss hormones: You will learn how to increase your testosterone, eat in a way that benefits you, and learn what foods to avoid for your optimal hormonal health.
  3. Phase 1 training – intensity: Learn how to maintain a caloric deficit while gaining strength, and learn how to rapidly burn off fat while maintaining (or gaining) muscle.
  4. Phase 2 training – accumulation: For 4 weeks you will condition your body for hypertrophy training. At the end, you will be able to work with heavier weights for a longer amount of time as you gain lean muscle mass. This training will also help boost your metabolism and fat burning hormones even more.
  5. Phase 3 training – Hypertrophy: This phase is going to give you that defined muscular look you want.

There is also a bonus included as of this Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones review. It is a complete set of videos that take you into the gym and teach you proper form and technique, which is essential for maximum fat loss results.

About Chad Howse

Chad HowseChad is a fitness blogger who teaches men and women how to build a better body. Everything he teaches, he has used on himself, including his insights on how to increase testosterone naturally. His passion for fitness helped him build his popular website and products, and his ability to constantly grow, face his fears, and work towards becoming the best he can be, has helped him succeed as an entrepreneur and all around healthy and awesome guy.


  • Lose fat faster than ever before
  • Turn down your fat-storing hormones
  • Turn up your fat-burning hormones
  • Keep off the fat for good
  • Gain more energy as your hormones work for you
  • Increase your sex drive as your hormones work for you
  • Doesn’t matter what your genetics are, your hormones are what counts here
  • Boost your metabolism for more fat burning power
  • Get control of your hunger by making leptin work for you


  • No quick fixes here. The focus is on changing hormones and working for the body you want
  • Changes will have to be made, which can be hard for someone who doesn’t want to change

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Where To Buy Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones

You can buy the program from the Fix Your Fat Loss Hormone website. It is not for sale anywhere else right now.

This program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. This means that if you are unhappy for any reason, you can contact Chad and get your money back.

Men's Website

Women's Website

We can say that we have talked to Chad personally through email, and he is quick to answer and very friendly. Don’t hesitate to contact him if you have a question about the program or if you decide that you want to get a refund.

Can This Program Live Up To Its Promise?

One of the diet principles you have probably been taught is that you need to reach a caloric deficit in order to burn off fat. Chad says that’s not what you want to be doing. He says that you burn more muscle than fat when you do this; moreover, your ability to burn off fat slows down as your fat-storing hormones rise. This insight alone can help you build a more muscular, less fatty body, and that’s advice he’s giving away outside of his program. What valuable insights do you think you will find inside?

The fact is that his knowledge about fat loss and muscle gain is groundbreaking for most people. Studies are opening our eyes to the role hormones play in our ability to lose or store fat, and more and more diet gurus are starting to change the way they promote fat loss because of this. Chad just happened to know this stuff before many of these gurus, and he and his clients were the ones to benefit.

So yes, we found in our Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones review that Chad knows what he is talking about and has a program that can boost your testosterone and other fat-burning hormones while lowering the fat-storing hormones simply through a unique diet and exercise plan. He tells you what to do, you do it, and he guarantees that success will follow.

The bottom line is that if you are willing to do what Chad says, then you will get results. However, if you are not willing to try and follow his program, then the chances of you getting results are slim. There are a ton of success stories from guys who actually made the changes to their diet and exercise routines, and we are willing to be you will be one of them with a little desire and commitment.

To purchase the Fix Your Fat Loss Hormones program or for more information, please visit the official website(s) here:

The program for men or the program for women.