Danette May 3 Day Detox Review – Is The Bikini Body Plan Worth Buying?

Danette May has created another informational program called Bikini Body Detox. The promise? In just three days, flush away years of toxins, boost energy, and melt away stubborn fat without starvation. While Danette has proven herself to be knowledgeable and trustworthy, is this program really worth buying? If you like the sounds of the program’s name, keep reading to find out if this program is something that will actually give you the kind of results you are looking for.

What Is Bikini Body Detox All About?

With a name like Bikini Body Detox, it sounds like you are supposed to be bikini ready after taking this detox, but, honestly, we all know that’s not going to happen for the majority of us. Only us who have flat stomachs and downright hard-to-get bodies are going to be truly bikini ready in the traditional sense. The rest of us (which is about 99.9% of us, by the way) will still need to have that mentality of ‘I’m ready to get into my bikini despite not having that “perfect body” in three days.

What it is designed to do is help boost energy, flush out some toxins, and get hormones in working order so that we can start to lose that excess weight and fat and be more comfortable in our bikinis. Moreover, flushing out toxins and getting our hormones in order could speed up our weight loss and help us keep the weight off permanently – even after we get to our perfect bikini weight.

Inside Bikini Body Detox you will find:

  • A three-day meal plan that will help you boost your metabolism and eliminate toxins.
  • Information on the exact super foods that will help you release any internal waste and minimize inflammation in your gut.
  • Information on powerful antioxidants that help you lose weight quicker.
  • A plan for moving 15 minutes a day that will help you elongate your muscles, raise your temperature, and boost your fat-burning hormone.
  • Insight into a 30-second trick that boosts your fat burning hormones and increases your energy.

Note – At the time of publishing this review article, Danette was offering the program at a very good discount. You can click here to open her site in a new window to see if it is still available.

How The 3 Day Detox Work?

The enticing part of this program is that it’s only three days long and you will not be starving your body in any way. That may sound fast, but this program is not about losing fat in three days, it’s about getting your body back into balance in three days by flushing out toxins and optimizing your hormones. Your body wants to get back into balance and will willingly do so quickly with the right plan, which Danette claims to have.

On the first day, you will prep your body and flush out toxins. Danette says that you will feel your hormones begin to realign. What that really means is that you will feel more energetic and, possibly, some of your physical or mental symptoms might go away.

On the second day, you will eat foods that do NOT cause inflammation in the body and allow your body to experience digestion at its best. Moreover, these foods will help to detox you even more.

On the third day, it’s more of the same. You will be eating foods that do not promote inflammation, and Danette says your body will be in ‘prime fat burning mode’ at this point.

For more specifics about how the 3 day detox plan works, check out this page.

Who Is Danette May?

If you have been looking into diets and good health online, then Danette May is a name you likely already know. She graduated with a degree in pre-med and nutrition and she is the founder of Mindful Health. She’s helped millions of people to become healthier through her book Eat, Drink, And Shrink, and her fitness videos sold all over the world. She promotes healing through food, mindset, and exercise, so this Bikini Body Detox is just a part of what you can learn from her.

The Positive Reviews

  • Only a 3-day program.
  • Helps to flush out toxins from your body.
  • Helps to get your hormones back into working order.
  • Learn which foods do not cause inflammation in the body and experience what it feels like to only eat them.
  • Should feel more energetic in the morning and throughout your day.
  • No supplements are needed for this diet program.
  • All information is digital and accessible quickly upon ordering.

The Negative Reviews

  • You will need to stick to the foods outlined in the program for results.
  • If you go back to eating in your own way after the three days are up, you could cause inflammation, promote toxin buildup, and upset your hormones.

Where To Buy (With The Guarantee)

You can buy from the page on Danette’s site dedicated to the Bikini Body Detox. Because this information is digital, you should get everything promised within minutes of ordering.

Because Danette is using ClickBank, you will be given a money back guarantee if you’d like. You will have 60 days to get your money back if you are not happy. Considering the program only takes 3 days, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Will It Actually Work?

Going in, I thought this Bikini Body Detox review was going to be all about losing weight fast, but I realize now that it’s more about resetting your body back to its perfect state – the state where it can lose weight quickly, keep your energy high, help you stay calm, maintain a healthy appearance, easily digest foods, and keep the fat off your body.

If the diet helps optimize your hormones, then yes it can do all of that. Hormones control so many things in the body, including hunger, thirst, metabolism, and mood. If you can get your hormones in working order, you will have a much easier time with these things and weight loss.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to optimize your body to start losing weight quickly and wear a bikini much more comfortably than you are wearing it now, the Bikini Body Detox may work for you. Moreover, if you want to undo the damage that toxins from the environment, your food, and other places have done, then this may work for you. And, since it is only 3 days long, you will know quickly if it’s really making a difference.

But, remember, this goes beyond 3 days. To keep experiencing the benefits that come from eating good foods that don’t promote inflammation, you need to keep eating them. Therefore, go into this diet program with the notion of changing your diet using the information that Danette provides. If you go in with that mindset, you could be on your way to better health and, yes, a bikini body that you will be proud to show off.

Click here to visit Danette’s official website.