BioTrust Brain Bright Review – Is The Brain Drain Supplement Worth It?

Brain Bright Bottle

Light up your drained brain with two supplements per day? That’s what BioTrust claims, and if you have been feeling cognitively sluggish lately, that may be a claim that you want to believe.

But can you really believe it, or is it just another way to pull you in to buy a bottle of supplements. This Brain Bright review will take a look at the company behind this supplement and the ingredients found inside of it.

What Is Brain Bright?

It is a supplement that addresses all areas of brain health, including blood flow, neurotransmitter levels, and protection from toxins, cortisol, and oxidative damage.

It goes beyond other brain health supplements by combining powerful ingredients together and then adding a final ingredient, BioPerine, which increases the overall absorption of all other ingredients for maximum effectiveness.

All you have to do is take one tablet before meals, twice a day, and you are actively taking steps to protect and increase your brain’s health. As more and more people are experiencing brain-related problems, this is an easy way to take action over your future health without overhauling your entire lifestyle. Please note, I may receive compensation for my review of this BioTrust product.

About BioTrust Nutrition

If you are wondering whether or not the ingredients in Brain Bright are effective, you can rest assured that BioTrust is the only supplement company that puts their products through a serious quality assurance process.

For example, their products are approved by industry leaders. In addition, they only use natural and safe ingredients, free from additives, and all of their ingredients are tested for purity and potency. They also use third party assurance testing. And, they conduct studies on their products to ensure that they are really effective compared to a placebo.

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The ngredients In Brain Bright

1. L-Theanine

This ingredient is considered a cognitive enhancer, and it can help improve your focus. It is an amino acid that has been used by thousands of people around the world, as well as been put through numerous studies to prove its benefits. Some people say that it induces a meditative state by slowing down the brain wave frequencies, which is a positive benefit for mental and physical health.

2. Acetyl-L-carnitine

This is a common ingredient in dietary supplements that improves energy levels and brain metabolism. It has also been shown to protect against neurotoxic issues that occurs when the brain is exposed to natural or artificial toxic substances.

3. N-acetyle-L-Tyrosine

This ingredient has a few positive effects on the brain. It can help protect the brain against the effects of stress from colds or lack of sleep. Moreover, there is evidence that it can improve memory and performance when the brain is under stress.

4. RhodiolaMax

Rhodiola rosea has been shown to be highly neuroprotective against toxins, which is highly beneficial to the brain. Neuroprotection can regenerate, recover, or salvage the nervous system and its cells, function, or structure. The nervous system is the connection between the brain and various parts of the body.

5. GinkgoClean

Many people have used Ginkgo to improve their mental function. Research shows that it can improve attention, memory, and speed of thinking in adults. There is also evidence that it can improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

However, there is an ugly side to supplements with ginkgo. Many manufactures are buying cheap version of this herb to save themselves some money. But, that can have a huge impact on the health of people taking their ginkgo.

The problem is that ginkgo leaves contain ginkgolic acid, which is a toxic compound. If the extract contains more than 5 parts per million of this acid, then issues can occur. There is an increased risk of damaged DNA and it is toxic to nerve cells as well as the immune system. Sadly, most manufactures don’t tell you how much of this acid is in their product, and most ginkgo products contains too much.

GinkgoClean is what BioTrust has named their Ginkgo extract. It contains less than 1 part per million of ginkgolic acid, and is considered safe for use. In other words, if you are going to take ginkgo extract, this is the product that you want to take for complete peace of mind.

6. Bioperine

This is an ingredient that would be beneficial in every supplement on the market. It increases the absorption of all nutrients, water or fat soluble, by up to 60%. This makes the other ingredients in Brain Bright as effective as possible.

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Positive Reviews

  • An easy way to boost your brain’s health and protect it from damage
  • Works on three different levels to benefit your brain
  • All benefits are backed by extensive research and results
  • Get quick support from the BioTrust forum or Facebook page
  • Free of gluten, soy, wheat, dairy, fish, and peanuts
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners added
  • No GMO ingredients

Negative Reviews

  • People living with neurological disorders may will need to speak to their doctor or pharmacist before using
  • One of the more expensive supplements

Pricing & Discounts

The more you buy, the more you can save. Because this is a brain health product, many people will likely want to take advantage of the 6-bottle discount. Please note, we’ve seen pricing change from time-to-time, so please visit the BioTrust website (click here to visit BioTrust) for the lowest price available at this time.

Where To Buy Brain Bright

The only place to purchase Brain Bright is from the BioTrust website. You do have to pay shipping on top of your order, and depending on where you live, it will take anywhere from one day to a few weeks to be delivered to you.

There is a 1-year guarantee that comes with your purchase of Brain Bright. If you are not happy with the supplement, then you can return it and get your money back. You do have to return the empty or unused portion of the product as well as the original invoice, so make sure you keep all of that around if you are in doubt.


It It Worth It & Can You Trust It?

Chances are you have some worry not only around the health and performance of your brain, but also over the claims made about what can help you experience better brain health. But, if you are going to trust any supplement company and their supplement, BioTrust and Brain Bright would be the one.

BioTrust is passionate about good health, and they prove that through their interactions with their customers and fans. They know what they are talking about. They have the research to back up their claims. And, they are the first to tell you when something isn’t going to benefit you in the way it has been promised. In short, they are an honest, compassionate, and straightforward supplement company, which makes them extremely unique.

Brain Bright has proven ingredients in it backed by tons of research and studies. You can take it knowing that you are doing something good for your brain, and if you don’t feel more clarity or more focus, you can ask for a refund – no questions asked. The bottom line is that it has the potential to help your brain health in a big way, and when it comes to brain health, you should always be taking some sort of positive action.

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