Benefits of Taking Marine Phytoplankton Supplements

Phytoplankton is an algae like single-celled microorganism that scientist claim to be rich in mineral, vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, carotenoids, essential amino acids, nucleic acids, and chlorophyll among other components useful to human health. Phytoplankton comes from the ocean where it is believed to supply the majority of the atmosphere’s oxygen. In fact, marine phytoplankton has been classified as the most important plant in the world by NASA since it acts as the main supply of oxygen on earth and also a major source of food for marine life as well as humans.

Scientists believe that phytoplankton contribute between 50 to 85 percent of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere. – EarthSky

Scientific studies show that this miraculous microorganism makes about 25% of ocean vegetation, and it is also a sustainable source of food due to its capability to self-produce. Scientists claim that marine phytoplankton detoxifies and oxygenates the body the same way as the ocean.

Benefits of Taking Marine Phytoplankton

marine phytoplankton

It is rich in essential minerals
The natural health relies on essential minerals which are usually hard to find. In fact, statistics show that every individual has a deficiency of some essential minerals. Phytoplankton is rich in all the essential minerals that the body needs to continue functioning properly.

It boosts the immune system
Research carried out by the University of Utah found out that when consumed regularly, phytoplankton increases the levels of CD3 in the body a clear indication of high immune cells. Individuals who consume phytoplankton have also been found to have better mental health.

Supports the liver
The liver is a vital organ that plays a significant role in the absorption of nutrients as well as detoxifying the body. As a person continues to age, his or her liver might start becoming weak and fail to function optimally. Phytoplankton eases the work of the liver since it can get absorbed at cellular level thus the body will not have to rely on the liver to absorb the essential nutrients. Phytoplankton plays a double role which includes restoring the strength of the liver as it supplies useful nutrients to the body.

Boosts cells membranes health and regeneration
Marine phytoplankton plays a vital role in inducing cells generation as well as improving the health of cell membranes. In fact, according to doctors and other medical practitioners, chronic diseases patients who used marine phytoplankton shows drastic improvements.

Correct methylation
Methylation is a metabolic process that repeatedly occurs during a person’s life. There are scientific claims that methylation occurs about billion times per second. Methylation involves the movement of a methyl group from one molecule to another for the purpose of assimilation of nutrients such as folate and B12 among other nutrients in the body. Methylation is a crucial process in the body since it helps in removing toxins, repair DNA and also reduce inflammation. The essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins in marine phytoplankton play a significant role in boosting natural methylation thus resulting in enhanced cell division and growth.

It is good to note that all phytoplankton are not made the same, some may be diluted, inactive or contaminated. Therefore, you should be careful to ensure that you choose the highest quality. The recommended phytoplankton are those grown in a non-contaminated environment.

If you are looking for a high-quality marine phytoplankton supplement I recommend reading our review of review of Ocean’s Alive 2.0 by Activation Products due to their high standards and quality. Nowadays, ocean environment is contaminated by industrial chemicals among other toxins. For this reason, it’s important to know the source.